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who visited my facebook profile
Hi friends today we are going to learn how to find who visited our Facebook profile.Facebook is the  no. 1 social networking website of the world. It has 1.39 billion active users.we all have our Facebook account and we use it for making friends,for entertainment and much more. Every Facebook account holder wants to know that who visited his profile. There are many 3rd party application for checking the profile visitors.but the real fact is that most of the applications are fake and give incorrect results and they may compromise with our privacy details. So i will advice you not to use this 3rd party applications.So today i am going to share genuine way to find who visited your profile.

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Who visited my Facebook ?

if you want to find your profile visitors then you have to follow my simple guide–>

Step 1

first of all login to your Facebook account and go to your timeline.

Step 2

now use shortcut ctrl+U or right click and then click on page source.

page source

Step 3

Now press ctrl + F ,now a search box will open,type {“list”: in it and press enter


Step 4

now you will see some Facebook id’s of your friends who visited your profile. for e.g. 100001492746648

fb id

Step 5

just copy one Facebook id and put it in the end of http://www.facebook.com/ as shown below and press enter.

fb id

>So that’s how you can easily check who visited your Facebook profile.hope you like it. if you like my work then share it on Facebook, twitter and stay tuned.