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send message through cmd
today i am going to share how to chat with cmd. There are many messaging applications through which we can easily chat with our friends.But how to chat if we don’t have these 3rd party applications.There are many tricks and tutorials on command prompt.Do you know we can also use cmd as a messagner?  yes it’s true,we can use  cmd as a chat messenger.

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Cmd as a messagner

So what we require for this trick->

1 batch code
2 friends ip address

So follow below given simple guide –>

 how to chat through cmd?

Step 1

first of all open your notepad

Step 2

now copy below code

@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

Step 3

now save this file as cmdmessenger.bat

Step 4

now open cmd of your windows (win+R and type cmd)

Step 5

now single click on cmdmessenger.bat and drag the file to cmd and press enter as shown below

cmd chat

Step 6

now a terminal will open as shown below


Step 7

Now you need ip address of your friend. now if you are on WiFi or LAN network then open cmd and  type command

arp -a

with this command you will get all ip address connected in the network. so now select any ip address and insert it in cmd as shown below and send him message.


>done ! enjoy chatting

>So today we learn how to send message through cmd . hope you like it. If you have any problem regarding this trick, feel free to comment below.Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow our blog