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gmail offline
Today i am going to share how to read your Gmail emails offline on PC. It means how to access our important mails on Gmail if we does not have internet access.There are many useful features in gmail.Gmail provide a great feature through which we are able to get offline access to our mails.so today we learn how to activate this feature on pc.

How to read emails offline on Gmail

sometimes due to some reasons we doesn’t have internet connectivity. For example if we have to go to out of city and we does not have internet connection then at that time how you should read your important emails. Going to cyber cafe is headache in other cities because first we have to search for a cyber cafe and second problem is that on public cyber cafe’s our privacy is not secure. So now this offline access feature of Gmail comes handy.So now i will describe the step by step procedure of this offline email access feature of Gmail.

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Step 1

First of all you need google chrome browser because we are going to install a application on Google chrome browser to access Gmail emails offline.

 Step 2

Now download and install Gmail offline apps for google chrome browser.click on add to chrome as shown below

gmail offline

Step 3

Now a pop up will appear, just click on add button.

gmail offline

Step 4

So now this Gmail offline application is added to Google chrome apps. To go directly to chrome apps just type chrome://apps/ in url bar. here you found your installed  Gmail offline app.

Step 5.

Now click on icon of Gmail offline apps, a new tab will open and it ask you allow offline  Gmail. So now to enable Gmail offline feature click the radio button in front of allow offline mail as shown below and click on continue .                     


Step 6

now you will see that you can read your emails without internet connection.Now in this offline app there is an advanced feature of downloading mails as shown below

gmail offline

> So that’s how we can access Gmail offline. We can also compose mail in this app, but they are delivered to the receiver only when you connect to the internet.

>You can also make this Gmail offline apps page as your bookmark so that you can easily access it.Hope you like it. Please don’t forgot to follow our blog for more amazing tricks direct to your mailbox.