Today I am back with a special trick which I named as YouTube Vlc trick. Yes guys we are going to do something different. We are using VLC player from years. Millions of people use VLC media player as their default media player. 

Vlc media player is one of the most popular application for watching videos. It is used among all platforms whether it is mobile or PC. There are many hidden features of vlc media player. Most of  the users are not aware of these features.
Previously I had revealed a very useful feature of vlc player – Convert Audio or Video Files to Any Format Using VLC.



Today I am going to share you an exact way to play YouTube videos in vlc with good quality and without buffering




Play YouTube video in VLC


The main question arises in your mind is that – why should I use vlc for watching YouTube videos??

Your question is obvious, answer is here –

because vlc play YouTube videos without buffering or minimal buffering (low speed internet)
>you can watch YouTube videos without ads, means saves data + headache
>you can take snapshot of video in vlc
>you can also watch complete playlist in vlc


Watch YouTube video in VLC- Guide

So are you ready to watch youtube videos in VLC?


If yes, then follow my guide or else read  – INCREASE YOUTUBE VIDEO BUFFERING SPEED?


So friends,  I am going to show step by step guide to configure vlc as YouTube video player. All the steps are tested by me and if you configure it in the right way then everything will work fine!


Step 1


First of all open vlc media player.


Step 2


Now click on media and then select Open Network Stream.


vlc player tricks



Step 3


Next click on Network tab, here you found an option Please enter a Network URL: Now go to YouTube and copy link of your video and insert in above option as shown below. now click on play
vlc in youtube without buffering

Step 4


Finally, you will see that your YouTube video is running smoothly in vlc media player without ads and buffering. Hope you like this youtube vlc trick. Enjoy your video


Final thoughts


Tricks make life easy. I hope you are going to test this trick right now!.

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Note:  This trick may not work on proxy configured wifi-connections or on data cards. We have tested it only on Broadband connection.