Imagine you are an employee and you are writing an important email to your boss.You didn’t completed your mail yet and at that instant by mistake or in sudden you click on send button, your mail was sent.

Now what will you do?
your email was incomplete and it makes bad impression on your boss.
Now the question arise in your mind, is there a way to get back the email and send it again. in short
is there any method to undo the email?
Yes there is a way to undo sent mail in gmail. Most of us are not aware of this hidden feature of gmail.So today i am going to revel this feature and show you the exact way to undo sent mail in gmail.


how to undo sent mail in gmail?


So we have to make some configuration in settings of gmail to use the feature to undo sent mail in gmail, so just follow some easy step by step guide.


Step 1.

first of all login to your gmail account.



ep 2.

Now in right side you will find a gear icon, click on it and then click on settings

undo sent mail


Step 3.

Now click on LAB option under setting, here you find a lab search box, now type undo in the search box, now you found undo send option.

undo sent email

Now click on enable radio button and click on save changes, so now your undo setting has been enabled.


Step 4.

Now if you want to increase undo time or cancellation time then again click on gear icon and then settings. now here you found general tab at left side, click on it

recall mail


Step 5.

Now scroll down till you found undo send option, now click on send cancellation period drop down menu and select your desired cancellation time and click on save changes.

undo message in gmail


Now when you send a email in gmail you see a undo option,if you click on undo you will get your sent mail back.

undo mail



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