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Hi friends today i am going to share a article on how to unlock pattern lock on Android device without data loss. Pattern lock is the most popular method for authentication in an android device, but sometimes due to complexity many peoples forgot the pattern lock. At that time they try to unlock their device by applying wrong patterns, after multiple attempts the device gets permanently locked.i have already posted an article on how to bypass pattern lock in android device. But the main problem with that method is that we have to do factory reset which results in data loss.so how to do this without data loss.there is a solution for every problem.actually i am posting a video in which we can learn how to Unlock Pattern Lock on Android without data loss.so just follow step by step procedure.

Things you need?

1.your android device must be rooted and custom recovery installed

2.Aroma file manager, click here


Note :- if your android is not rooted, then this method is not applicable to you.


So here now i am showing you a video tutorial to bypass pattern lock without data reset. the credit of this useful video goes to it assistors . watch the video carefully and follow the steps


if you have any doubt then feel free to comment, we are here to help you.

Note:- this article is only for ethical and educational purpose.