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hidden cmd tricks

hi friends i am back with a amazing cmd trick. Today i am going to share you a useful windows cmd trick. Do you know cmd is a powerful command-line interpreter on Windows operating system which is capable of doing many tasks with ease without using 3rd party softwares.There are huge amount of cmd tricks available on internet.

Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing– Billy Graham


Top windows tricks 2015

Hide local drive partition’s using cmd

privacy is the major concern for every person. It comes first.there are many ways to protect privacy in windows. There are many 3rd party software’s available to protect our privacy from unauthorized users no one want headache of installation of 3rd party software’s. Many of these software contains trozens and virus which may leak your privacy details and much more. So i personally do not compromise with these software’s. windows provide many hidden features with its powerful command prompt (cmd). Today i am going to discuss one of the hidden feature of windows. By using this trick you can hide a complete partition(drive) of windows with easy steps.

How to hide drives using cmd

hidden cmd tricks just follow simple step by step procedure given below–>

Step 1.

first of all open cmd | go to search and type cmd

Step 2.

now in cmd type diskpart, now windows ask permission, just allow it hidden cmd tricks Note:- your can directly use diskpart command by pressing windows + R key and type diskpart and hit enter cmd hidden tricks

Step 3.

Now a new command shell will open,just type list volume and hit enter top cmd tricks

Step 4.

now use command  select volume E  (here E is the volume you want to hide) >now a message is displayed “volume 4 is the selected volumeamazing cmd tricks

Step 5.

Now use command remove letter E and press enter | awesome cmd tricks thats all ,now your E drive is hidden >Now go to my computer and check it killer cmd tricks

How to unhide the drive in Windows?

to unhide the drive use following commands

>diskpart >list volumes >select volume 4 >assign letter E

 cmd trick

>now go to my computer (win+E) and you will find that your drive is successfully unhidden.

>So friends that’s how we can easily hide drives in windows with the help of cmd. if you have any problems regarding this trick,comment in the comment section

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