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Hi friends today i am going to share you some most used windows run commands that are very useful for a pc user. Windows 7 run commands are very simple to use and by using it you can save your precious time. Run command in windows 7 can make your life easy. If you have windows 8 installed on your PC then don’t worry all the commands listed below also works in windows 8.

Why you need run command for windows 7 or windows 8?

The main reason behind using windows run commands is to make your tasks easy and to make things better. Today i will give you useful list of all windows run commands. Just use these run commands in windows 7 or 8 & use your windows in an efficient manner.


How to use run command windows 8?

We have included screenshot to make it easy to understand all run commands window 8. So just use all the steps mentioned below and live a fast and efficient life with all run commands in windows 7 and 8.


So let’s get started.

10 Awesome windows 7 run commands

To use run commands in windows 7 you have to type (windows + R) key and then type your command and press enter to execute it.

run commands


1. Windows run command to Open control panel 


control panel

you can open control panel with a simple run command and save your time navigating to setting/control panel



2. Run command in windows 7 to Clean up junk files


run commands

The most easy way to clean junk files is to clean them through run command.so simple type following command


Typewindows + r and then type cleanmgr ,press enter >it will open up the Windows Disk Cleanup Manager > select the drive you want to clean and click ok


3. Run command for windows 7 to Open Computer Management


windows tricks

The command will open Computer Management directly saving a lot of time



4. Windows 7 run command to Disable or enable firewall quickly.



If you want to disable or enable firewall with run command in windows 7, in seconds then type below command



5 . How to See computer’s complete system info in windows with run command.


system info

to see complete information of your system just type following command



6 .Windows 8 run command to open On Screen Keyboard



This command will open open screen keyboard directly on your computer screen.it prevents keyloggers attacks



7. Windows 7 Run command to Shutdown computer 

To shutdown your pc in seconds type following command



8. Run command in windows 8 to open Magnifier or a narrator


window magnifier

If you want to use magnifier or a narrator, this command will open up the full utility manager for you


9. Windows 7 run command to open Windows Update Manager.



This command directly open windows update manager for you


10.Windows 8 run command to Open Windows WordPad



With this command you can directly open the default windows wordpad.





Today we learn about Top run commands in windows. So friends above windows run commands are very beneficial for a windows users and saves a lot of time. hope you liked it.

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