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boost ram using notepad
Slow pc speed is a dominant factor from which many peoples are affected.The main reason behind it is the limited amount of ram. Low ram devices hangs alot when multiple tasks are assigned to it.So at that time system needs free ram that must be distributed to every task so that it works properly .
There are many 3rd party softwares available like Ram booster,MZ Ram booster,Ram saver pro and many others that will speed up pc by boosting ram.If you like 3rd party softwares then use them otherwise use my simple ram boosting trick.
Today i am going to share a notepad trick to clean ram and boost your pc speed.This trick is working well and its pretty effective.You can also save your time which you spent in downloading 3rd party ram boosting softwares and configuring them. just follow my step by step guide–>

Boost PC speed in single click

Step 1.

first of all open your notepad (press windows+R and type notepad)

Step 2.

now type following code


Step 3.

now save The File As .vbs extension. for e.g. Ramcleaner.vbs

Step 4.

now run the file by double clicking on it, that’s all your ram is cleaned

boost ram with notepad


If you want more effective ram cleaning then you have to use foolowing code


So friends that’s how we can simply clean ram of our pc in a single click.

hope you like it, stay updated for more tricks