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hide facebook last seen
hi friends i am back with a cool Facebook trick.This trick allows you to remove Facebook’s most retarded ‘last seen’
feature. A person who is in relationship on Facebook get irritated some times due to this feature because it causes numerous fights which takes place when somebody not replying even after seeing your messages.It causes many misunderstandings which results in the form of end of relationship.

So many of you want’s to hide this feature due to your own personal reasons .so main question here is that
how to disable facebook last seen  feature to get rid of severe headache caused due to it. So i am going to share you a trick which prevents Facebook from sending ‘currently typing’ and ‘seen’ requests, it means people won’t receive notifications when you start typing or when you view their messages.

Hide Facebook Last Seen


So in this trick we are going to use an extension which disable last seen feature of Facebook. 

Note–> Facebook Unseen extension works only on Google chrome.

Facebook unseen is a Google chrome extension that blocks Facebook’s read receipts from being sent. steps to get this
extension are mentioned below–>

Step 1 .

First of all go to this link, click here

facebook unseen

Step 2.

here you find Facebook Unseen extension, simply click on add to chrome, so now in few seconds extension will added to your chrome browser.

facebook unseen
>so thats it, now once it is enabled you get rid of last seen feature.



So now what about those who do not like google chrome and mostly use firefox browser ?

So now i am going to share a firefox extension which disable the last seen feature.

note:-  This extension works only for Firefox browser.

This extension allows you to remove Facebook’s most retarded feature since the Timeline, namely the ‘seen’ notifications in the Facebook chat. steps are as below–>

Step 1.

To use Facebook stealth extension first you have to download a extension named ‘Greasemonkey’. click here to download Greasemonkey.


Step 2.

After downloading Greasemonkey you have to download Facebook stealth extension. click here to download Facebook stealth.

facebook stealth


>So friends that’s how we can disable the last seen feature in Facebook chat, hope you like it

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