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audio message on facebook
Today i am going to share you a trick by which you can easily post voice/audio comments and also send audio messages to your friends on facebook.
Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world.It have many amazing feautures which makes it popular.Rather than these features facebook have a major loophole. we can’t post voice comments in facebook,in addition there is no feature for sending voice messeges.As all know every loophole has a sollution.So i am sharing a trick by using it you can easily post audio comments + send voice messages.just follow the simple step by step guide–>

Audio comments & messages on Facebook


This trick works on google chrome browser & we are going to use a chrome extension for it

Step 1.

first of all go to chrome store and search for Talk and Comment extension,click here

Step 2.

install Talk and Comment extension & add it to google chrome

talk & comment on fb

Step 3.

After installation it will ask permission to use your mic, click on allow

voice messages on facebook

Step 4.

Now it will ask some basic permissions, just click ok for all of them

talk & comment on facebook

audi messages on fb

Step 5.

After this Login to Facebook. You will see Mic Icon added to your Comment box and Chat box.

voice messages on fb

Step 6.

Now to publish your Audio comment on your Friend’s Facebook status or to send them Audio message Simple Click on that MIC icon, Now Speak to Record your Comment/Message & then click on stop recording. Now a link is generted, just press enter and your audio comment is posted succesfully

voice message on fb
>now check by Clicking on Play icon to hear your recorded message/Comment which others will See.
>that’s all, hope you like it