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cool facebook tricks

hi friends, there are many tricks related to Facebook all over the web. Some of them are just amazing, today I am going to share you a killer facebook trick by using it you can surprise your friends.This trick allows you to post facebook status in upside down way.
sounds odd na?
yes it is , but its true.

Trick to post a status upside down

If you want to post your status in surprising upside down way then follow below steps,

>Go to FlipText website, this website lets you post your status in the upside down way

>Link for website is ,here

>Now here you found a box, write some text in the box or write down the status that you want to update.

>There is a another box just below it, here you get the text in upside down way

>Just copy it and paste it on your status box and post it

> now you have posted your status in upside down way,give it a try and surprise your friends

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