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coo; facebook tricks

Hi there, welcome back to helpingyouonline. Facebook is the best social networking site in the world. Almost everyone have a fb account. People use it for many purposes like chating, media sharing, for advertising. The cool thing about Facebook is that it is very user friendly. thousands of people search for Facebook tricks on internet. Many of these tricks are working and many of them doesn’t work. So I think to post a article which is based on cool Facebook tricks. I am sharing here the 5 cool facebook tricks you must know.

Trick 1. Update blank status

>open Facebook and log in to your account, now in your status box enter this code–>

@[3:3: ]

>now if you want wan’t to post multiple lines blank status,then enter this–>

@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]
@[3:3: ]

Trick 2. how to post animated images on Facebook?

fake fb status

As we know basically we can’t post animated content on Facebook, don’t worry, I have a trick , by using this trick you can post animated images on your Facebook account

>> first of all go to Giphy website.
>>now select the image you wan’t to upload
>>now just post it.

Trick 3. Invite all fb friends to like your fb page with a single click

If you have recently created a new Facebook page and you have 1000 friends then how do you invite them all. You have to invite them individually one by one. Now inviting each friend takes a big amount of time so it becomes irritating. Facebook do not provide any function to get invite them all with a single click. But today i am sharing you a secret trick by using it, you would be able to invite all your friends in a single click. So here’s the trick–

>first of all go to your Facebook page
>click on ‘invite friends’ & a popup will appear
>now the tricks comes in existence, press f12 key from your keyboard & Chrome Console window will Open.
>now just paste this code in that window–>

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Trick 4. how to create fake Facebook status?

by using this trick you can post your status with different name, for example – Zuckerberg

just follow below steps & surprise your friends

wall machine
> Go to The Wall Machine .
> Connect it with your Facebook profile and Log in to it and post fake status.

Trick 5. Find who unfriend you on Facebook?

who unfriend me on facebook?

>If you wan’t to know who had unfriend you on fb then just download this application, click here

>Now use this app to find who unfriend you on Facebook

>>So friends these are the cool facebook tricks, more tricks are coming soon, share it if you like it.