whatsapp tricks

Hi friends, whatsapp is best messaging app for mobile which allows you to send messages, pics, videos etc with fast speed. Whatsapp is fast,reliable and easy to use. It have 700 million users worldwide. Its popularity is increasing day by day.
There are many features in whatsapp, one of them is group messaging. In whatsapp group we can chat with multiple friends, but we don’t who read our message. Do you want to know who read your message in the group? . If you want then you are at right place. So  friends I am sharing you a trick by which you can check who read your message in group.
so just follow the steps–>

Who read my whatsapp message?

step 1.

Open a whatsapp group and send a message.

step 2.

now long press your message and you get some options, here you can see ‘i’ icon on top

whatsapp tricks

step 3.

Click on it. Now you can see details that who read your message and who did’nt read yet

step 4.

So it’s the simple whatsapp trick, share it if you like it