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whatsapp hack
Hi friends, whatsapp is best messagening app for mobile which allows you to send messages, pics, videos etc with fast speed. Whatsapp is fast,reliable and easy to use.Whatsapp have 700 million users wordwide.Its popularity is increasing day by day.

Hack your friend’s whatsapp

so today i am going to share you a way by which you can hack your friend’s whatsapp.So just follow the steps–>

step 1–>

first of all, go to your microSD card and click on whatsapp and then on Database.

step 2–>

here in database folder you find 2 files–>

step 3–>

now after this you have to take these 2 same files from your friends mobile.

step 4–>

now just open these files with any text editor. now you can able to read your friends private messages & conversations.

–> So that’s how you can hack your friend’s whatsapp
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This article is Only for educational purpose. i am not responsibe for any misuse of this trick.

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