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fake fb pictures
Facebook is the popular social networking website. Facebook is connecting people in the world. We can chat, upload pics,videos, play games and much more on Facebook. A Facebook account reflects the image of our own personality, position & social interest. To know a person on Facebook the most relevant thing is its profile picture. Most of users use their own pic as their profile picture whereas some use pictures of celebrities, stars etc.

Now-a-days the main issue with these social networking sites is the increasing number of fake accounts. Some people makes fake account on Facebook for just fun whereas some makes it for some cruel intentions or revenge. So the main matter of concern is that how to know that the account on fb is fake or real.These fake accounts use fake profile pictures of boys, girls which looks alike real. sometimes we can’t distinguish that the pictures are fake or real.

So friends today I am going to share you how to know a facebook profile pic is fake or real?
it’s very easy to find that the picture used by a fb account is fake or real.–>

TinEye Reverse Image Search engine


Tineye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist.

so what you have to do –>


>>just go to http://tineye.com/

>>upload the image you want to know real or fake.

>>If you got only one result or no result, then the picture is real and if you got multiple results then the picture is fake.

>>that’s it…stay updated