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hello friends welcome back to helpingyouonline. windows operating system is most commonly used os platform.
The most common reason behind it is its user friendly interface. There is no complexity in windows. It is simple to use.

In windows hard disk is divided into multiple disk drives or partitions i.e. C drive, F drive, E drive etc. These drives are mainly used to store data in terms of videos, pictures, software’s and much more. The privacy and security are always the major concern now-a-days.

Sometimes we have ton of data which we want to hide from everyone. So what you will do if you have 100 GB
important data in a drive and you have to hide it. So today I am going to share “how to hide a whole drive(partition) in windows.

Hide complete partition of windows without any software

so here is the simple step by step guide–>

step 1>> press (windows + R) key or go to start>run

step 2>> now type gpedit.msc

hide window partition

step 3>> now go to user configuration> administrative templates > windows components> file explorer

step 4>> now here you found many options, just double click on “Hide these specified drives in My Computer” and modify it as you want and apply it.

hide windows partitions

step 5>> now again double click on “Prevent access to drives from My Computer” and modify it as you want and apply it.

step 6>> that’s it, you have successfully hide a partition (drive)

note:-> incase if you want to unhide your partition,again double click on “Hide these specified drives in My Computer” and select ‘disable‘ and apply it

So friends thats how we can easily hide partitions in windows without using any 3rd party software. Hope you like it. Stay updated for more tricks.