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Now-a-days whatsapp is very popular among youngster’s. Whatsapp is the must have application for everyone.
whatsapp is known for its fast messaging service and less data consumption. so WHATSAPP have many pulses in terms of its service, but in terms of privacy it is not up to mark. The main downside of whatsapp is it’s privacy concern. Whatsapp does not use any authentication measure i.e. it does not provide password locking. So if someone is using our mobile then he may read our personal whatsapp conversations due to lack of authentication.

how to lock whatsapp?

so to authenticate the privacy of whatsapp we must require any process or method to lock it. So is it possible to lock whatsapp??
so the answer is…yes
Today i’m going to share you the method by which you can lock your whatsapp account. so for this we have to visit google play store and download ‘WhatsLock (Lock for WhatsApp)’ a special application to lock whatsapp.
so just go to this link and download the app–>

lock whatsapp


So just download it and lock your whatsapp account.
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