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android cropping

wallpaper cropping

Android is very popular operating system. Now-a-days it becomes very popular among youth. Now a days mobile market is filled with hundreds of Android phones.As all these mobiles are of different screen sizes,all wallpapers do not get fit on their screens,the reason behind it is that some mid range smartphones do not support high resolution wallpapers. So when we apply these widscreen high resolution wallpaper we must have to crop the wallpaper before using it.

however it is common but if you want to apply wallpapers without cropping then its not a big deal.


 Apply wallpaper on android without cropping

Its very easy to apply wallpapers without cropping if you use some applications which are available on google play store. So just download these apps and apply any wallpaper without cropping. So here are the applications–>


>>Wallpaper Wizardrii™

>>So just download these apps and apply wallpaper without cropping.

>>hope you like this simple trick, stay updated for more android tricks.