Hi friends today we learn how to watch private youtube videos without permission of it’s owner.

Youtube is the most popular website for watching online videos.some times we have seen some videos on Youtube which are set to be private, they are not available for public view.In Youtube channel admin have right to set his video private.Now i am showing you the trick by which you can watch private youtube videos.

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How to View Private YouTube videos??


Today i am going to share a way by which you can easily watch private video on YouTube and view some insights of a video which is set to be private by the owner of that youtube video. Today we will try to find the way to the problem-how to watch private videos on youtube. I will explain a step by step guide to view a private YouTube video. So let’s get started.

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How to watch private videos on Youtube- Method 1

Youtube is the best place to share or stream videos. But one can’t watch all videos available on Youtube. The main reason is that the uploader do not want to publicly share his video. So the uploader has power to set his youtube video private. As you know you can’t see a private video on YouTube. So now i am going to share the first method to watch private Videos on Youtube. This step by step guide make you watch private YouTube videos in 2015. So let’s get started.


Step by step guide to watch private videos on YouTube


Step 1

First of all visit YouTube official website


Step 2

Now sign in to YouTube with your google account.


Step 3

Now go to the video which is set to private. Now click on the uploader channel. Simply click on about tab.


Step 4

So in the about page, you have to click on send message. So write a message to request the uploader to send an invitation link to watch specific private YouTube video. Don’t forget to include your email address.

youtube private videos


Step 5

Now the uploader will send you an invitation link to your email address. Simply open the email. Now simply click on invitation link, you will be redirected to YouTube where you can watch the private youtube video.

So friends it depends on the uploader of video whether he will or will not send you the email inviation link of the video which is set to be private. So that’s the 1st method to watch a private video on YouTube  In the second method i will include a guide to see insights of a private YouTube video.

Watch private  YouTube videos 2015


Guide to see insights of a private YouTube video- method 2


So with this guide you can easily see insights of a YouTube private video. we are going to solve the mystery of “ how to watch private YouTube videos 2015″.  You have to follow step by step guide mentioned below in order to see private videos on YouTube . I have also included an example of a  YouTube video which is set to be private by the owner of that YouTube channel.


Step 1.

To make this guide simple i will show you an example of a private YouTube video. Click on below YouTube icon on the middle of the screen.

When you click on this video then you will get an error message saying –>

This video is private.

So today we are going to solve ” This video is private” problem on YouTube.

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Step 2.

To view insights of a private youtube video we just want the url of that video, because with this url we can see some private insights of that video. Note that it’s impossible to watch a video which is set to be private by the owner of that Video without getting the invitation link described in the method 1. After a long research we have find a way by which we can view some private photos of that video. To do this we need ID of private YouTube video. so just copy the ID of private youtube video.

(in above video the ID is ==>FkTSUqPqsGE)

Step 3.

So now we have the ID of the above Video which is set to be private. Now what you have to do is simply take the ID and replace the ID as shown below.





So in above 4 links you have to insert ID of your desired private youtube video in place of FkTSUqPqsGE.

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So friends that’s how you can easily watch private youtube videos by getting invitation link and also view some insights of private youtube video. So, its easy for you to know what’s inside a Private Youtube Video. Hope you like this video. Share the video to facebook for more interesting tricks.

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Note :->

Dear readers it’s not possible to directly watch private youtube videos because it’s not possible to bypass the security and privacy of YouTube.The reason behind it is that– YouTube is highly secured site. You have need an invitation link to watch a private video on YouTube.

You can never watch a private youtube video without invitation link. You have to follow our mentioned methods. After reading this article you don’t have need to visit other websites to get the trick to watch private videos on youtube, because there is no any trick available on internet to see private videos. You have to request the uploader for invitation link.

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